Summer Fashion Tips

Transition of our weather from the cold air of the Christmas Season to the very hot temperature of Summer had gone through, which causes dramatically shift in trends. Various layers of clothes and accessories were replaced by the light weight fabric and bright color shirts. However, it is important to keep in mind to follow the guidelines to completely have a comfortable attire and looks this summer.

1. Wear bright colors instead of dark. One of the important rule is to wear bright colors of shirts. Yellow, White, Pink, Neon Colors are so
me of it. Set aside the dark color shirts especially black because they say that dark colors absorb more heat than the bright one. Bright colors are also "in" during summer.

David Guison

2. Shorts instead of Pants. It's more fresh and comfortable to wear Shorts than Pants. Expose some skin to absorb some fresh air. It's to uncomfortable and irritating to cover your body especially your legs.

3. Trim your hair. Short hair/trimmed hair adds fresher look to your face. I know that you don't like that your hair we're spread in your face. Hair colors such as light brown are also "in" during Summer.

4. Be simple. Don't wear over loaded accessories because it will make your skin sweat easily. Be simple, a necklace and a ring is enough.

Look at what David Guison wear, a piece of necklace and 3 bracelets, look neat and nice.

5. Take a bath. The most important. Proper hygiene is the # 1 weapon to achieve a fresh look this summer. All of the tips above will be a waste if you don't have a proper hygiene. Your hygiene will reflect in your entire outfit. Because of the hot temperature, we never control to sweat our body all day. So don't forget to take a bath everyday to freshen up.

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