Something Big Is Here: #SmartBigOffers

Since rainy season is here, expect traffics everywhere, floods, and suspension of classes. So we need to be updated and informed for this anytime, anywhere. Smart Live More is now having a BIG offer that will help us for our everyday life especially today. 

Smart now offers 7 days unlimited text to Smart, Sun and Talk n Text for only P50. How cheap is that? So what are you waiting for? Get this BIG offer now!
Text 50 to 6406 for Big Unli Text, text Call100 to 6406 for Big Calls. 
Enjoy every second with Smart Live More!

New #GlobalBenchSetter Will Reveal Today!

Bench/ is one of the largest and leading clothing branch in the world. They also one of my favorite clothing brand because of their variety of items from accessories to clothes, and I also buy under garments at them. Bench/ family is getting bigger and bigger and as of today, they have a new #GlobalBenchSetter that will reveal later. Everyone's excited and guessing who is this new Bench/ setter. You guys must watch out for it. Follow Bench/ at FacebookTwitter and Instagram for their latest updates.

100 Top Model Season 2 Gala Night

 So I attended last Friday's event at Malolos Bulacan. It was my first time to attend a gala night of 100 Top Model since I don't have the chance to watch last year. I was there to support my friends as I've told you here. Luckily, two of them got an award.

How To: Make Your Own Diy Ripped Shorts/Denim

I started to love wearing shorts because of the extreme heat i felt this summer. Plus, it's so easy to pair up, a sneakers and a shirt and you're good to go. I remember last week, I cut my mom's pants on the day where I will be using it because all of my shorts and pants are on the laundry. So I cut it off and just fold the tip. Meron na akong instant shorts in just a minute haha. But today, I will teach you to have that plain shorts a more stylish look. An awesome pair of ripped denim is quite expensive, but  I will teach you on how to make your own in just a few easy steps. Let's start!

100 Top Model Invades SM Marilao

One of the most admiring modeling search in Bulacan invades SM Marilao as they take the ramp and show up what they got in their style and fashion. 100 Top Model Search is now on their second season as the last season was a big success especially in the modeling industry. Some of my  friends joined the search and I was there to fully support them as they walk in the stage.

Mich (left) is one of my friend. I don't know why she is not smiling here. Maybe she's a bit nervous (hihi). Lea (right) is one of my crush on all the girls who were on the runway. She looks like Lovi Poe on personal and she walks like a professional model. Instant point for me (haha)

How To: Make a Cheap DIY Ombre Shirt

I’m definitely a fan of ombre and it’s a huge trend right now. I love how the dark colors fade into light colors. I find it cool and fashionable at the same time. The style is also perfect for summer and wearing it will make surely make you to stand out in the crowd especially the effect of fading to light colors which is trend this summer season. I see a lot of ombre stuff from hair to shirts, pants and shoes but it’s a bit pricey. So I think of an idea, why not to make your own ombre right in your home without costing you so much. So today, I’m going to show to you how to make your own DIY Ombre Shirt from your very old shirt. This is cheap and super easy to do. So let’s start.

Sweets Overload!

This is my first post for the Food Category of my blog.

I will not deny that I really love sweets especially cakes and ice cream. It takes out my bad mood to good. So when I get sad or stressed, ice creams and cakes are my bestfriends. It's a bit childish, but I swear, it's true! Also one of my passion is baking. I think everyone loves baking. If all of the subjects in school are about baking, I will never feel sleepy and I will listen on every single word in the discussion. So when I was in my On-The-Job training, I make sure to myself that I should work in the pastry station in Marriott Hotel. I worked with some pastry chefs in 10 days, and in that 10 days, I learned almost all of their duties and task. I'm happy working while learning because it seems that I only playing while baking some stuff. I'll show you guys some pastries and cakes that I enjoyed to make during my On-The-Job days. And I'm sure that this will make you to starve.

Tattoo Inspirations

I really want to have a tattoo since before I go to college. It looks like it adds more vain and angas to the personality of a person. Plus it serves as an extra accessories in fashion. You can put a ring, anklet or bracelet via tattoo. But my mom was so strict that even ear and other body piercing was restricted for me. I remember when I had my ear piercing back when I was in high school, I wear the earring when I'm not at home and remove it when I'm at home. So it's a secret! So since I am now on my legal age (I'm 19), I want to ink myself without hiding it to my mom.  So I look for some tattooed people for design and style  inspirations. I should decide very surely because the ink I will get is permanent. So think twice!

Having a tattoo same with your special someone is sweet. I like how the white triangle and black triangle meets. I will try this when I meet that someone.

How To: Make a DIY Pocket Patch Shorts

Hey guys! I'm here again to teach you a new DIY Project. It looks like I post DIY more often. And its make me happy because I clean my closet without throwing the old stuff I kept for a very long time ago. For now, I'm going to show you now how to turn your oh-so old  denim shorts into a brand new look. I found an old denim jeans, I crop it on the knee part and fold. I now have an instant shorts! But it still looks plain, so I decided to add some details to the back pocket area. Here's how:

How To: Make a DIY Tank Top in 3 Easy Steps

The heat is on and it’s confirm, summer is here! I told you, I love summer and it excites me a lot. Finally, I can now have more time to sleep and less school problems. It’s time to relax and to enjoy. I can now also feel the touch of sun in my skin. Hence, we should wear comfortable against the hot weather and expose some skin this season. Now, I will teach you how to make an instant tank top in only 3 easy steps.

Scent of Summer

Time goes fast and we didn't notice that summer is coming. I already smell summer. Stores in the   streets are already selling halo-halo, ice candy and other drinks that will refresh you up. One of the things I love about summer is that it's time to change the trends in fashion. Very light colors are now in and shorts are also in-demand this season. A tank-top plus denim short plus a sneakers and accessories and your'e ready to go. Here are some looks that may catch your attention this season.

How To: Make your own DIY Galaxy Printed Shirt

How are you guys? I’m here again to make a new DIY project. I love making DIY’s because it improves my art skill and at the same time, I can use again old stuff in our home. Today, I’ll show how to make a galaxy print in your old shirt. I used my old tank top since I want to wear it again because summer time is coming, and tank top season is finally getting closer but the style is so plain so I choose it to give a makeover. So let’s start.

How To: Make Your Own DIY Mirror Aztec Design Bag

Hello! This is my first DIY project that I will make for my blog that's why I'm so excited to share it to you guys. I hope you enjoy and have fun doing this project.

Want to have unique design for your bag? Or do you like aztec? If your answer is yes from the questions I asked, then this project is for you. The materials that we will use here is so easy to find and most of all, it is just in your home with no cents to spend on. So let's start.

That Sweat Pants aka Swag Pants

See pants like this?
(Image : source)

Your'e right! This is sweat pants aka swag pants.Others call it harem pants, baggy pants, athlete pants,hip hop pants, dancer pants or whatever. We use to see them wore by the dancers, hip hops, athletics and by the artists like Vhong Navarro and Jhong Hilario in their noontime show, It's Showtime.

 (Image : source)

The Great Northern Sale @ SM North Edsa

SM North Edsa is one of my favorite shopping mall in the north, not only because it is only one ride from my place(I'm such a lazy traveler, HAHA) but because they almost have all the great brands out there. Thinking that SM North Edsa is the largest shopping mall in Southeast Asia and third largest in the world, big right? And hey, they also having a BIG sale this coming weekend, February 1,2 and 3. Items are sale up to 70% on your favorite brands! Big savings, right? Who's excited? See you there!

Like SM North Edsa on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for updates.


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