How To: Make a Cheap DIY Ombre Shirt

I’m definitely a fan of ombre and it’s a huge trend right now. I love how the dark colors fade into light colors. I find it cool and fashionable at the same time. The style is also perfect for summer and wearing it will make surely make you to stand out in the crowd especially the effect of fading to light colors which is trend this summer season. I see a lot of ombre stuff from hair to shirts, pants and shoes but it’s a bit pricey. So I think of an idea, why not to make your own ombre right in your home without costing you so much. So today, I’m going to show to you how to make your own DIY Ombre Shirt from your very old shirt. This is cheap and super easy to do. So let’s start.

What you’ll need:
Old shirt
Fabric Dye (any color you want)
Clothes hanger and clip
Hot water
a small basin
and your creativity!

Step 1. Fold your shirt until it reaches the half. Clip it to the hanger using the clothes clip. Clip also the sleeves of the shirt because we will only dye a certain area of it. Also to prevent the dye to spread all over the sleeves.
Step 2. Soak the shirt with the hot water in basin. Then remove the excess water on it.

Step 3. Add the half (1/2) of your fabric dye to the hot water. 
*Optional: You can put salt in your dyeing solution. By creating an ionic solution, salt will help the chemical reactions that bond the dye to the fabric work more efficiently.

Step 4. Hold your shirt in the hanger and carefully lower it into the dye until the color reaches the area you like. Count 1-15 and immediately lift it out. This will create the lightest band of color in your shirt.

Step 5. Add the remaining fabric dye to your dye solution, and mix. Soak the bottom part of the shirt and make sure to keep the upper colored are out of dye. Swish the shirt back and forth so it will end up a smooth gradient effect and not a straight line. Leave it hanging in the dye for about 2 minutes, but you can check it and remove the shirt until you achieved the dark color you want.

Step 6. Remove the excess dye solution in the short and rest it overnight so the color will sink in the fabric. On the next day, wash it with warm water and a little bit of detergent.

And voila! You can now wear your own DIY Ombre shirt. You can also try different colors and different are of the shirt. Just be creative and let your imagination fly. That’s all for today! Have a great day!
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