Sweets Overload!

This is my first post for the Food Category of my blog.

I will not deny that I really love sweets especially cakes and ice cream. It takes out my bad mood to good. So when I get sad or stressed, ice creams and cakes are my bestfriends. It's a bit childish, but I swear, it's true! Also one of my passion is baking. I think everyone loves baking. If all of the subjects in school are about baking, I will never feel sleepy and I will listen on every single word in the discussion. So when I was in my On-The-Job training, I make sure to myself that I should work in the pastry station in Marriott Hotel. I worked with some pastry chefs in 10 days, and in that 10 days, I learned almost all of their duties and task. I'm happy working while learning because it seems that I only playing while baking some stuff. I'll show you guys some pastries and cakes that I enjoyed to make during my On-The-Job days. And I'm sure that this will make you to starve.

PS. I was the one who puts white chocolate on this one. I'm such a happy kid. lol

Pistachio Nuts on top! Yum.

I forgot the name of this cake. I think it's a Black Forest cake with blueberry and shredded dark chocolates.

Chocolate Cake with Sliced Strawberry on top.

Cheesecake with Kiwi, Mango and Strawberry on top.

Two words for this cake, "Very Elegant".


Mango Cheesecake and it's nice presentation.

Strawberry Cheesecake with lots and lots of strawberries on top. Yum yum!

So that's it guys. See how it makes me happy. I hope the cakes makes you smile too and turn to good vibes. I'll post more with their recipes very soon so take note of that!. Happy Sunday!

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  1. We have the same favorite. Thanks for dropping by Nicolo! :)



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