How To: Make a DIY Pocket Patch Shorts

Hey guys! I'm here again to teach you a new DIY Project. It looks like I post DIY more often. And its make me happy because I clean my closet without throwing the old stuff I kept for a very long time ago. For now, I'm going to show you now how to turn your oh-so old  denim shorts into a brand new look. I found an old denim jeans, I crop it on the knee part and fold. I now have an instant shorts! But it still looks plain, so I decided to add some details to the back pocket area. Here's how:

You will need:
old shorts
sewing kit/fabric glue
colored or printed fabric

Step 1. Lay your shorts in a flat surface. Using your folder, create a pattern of your pocket.

Step 2. Get your fabric. Trace it using the pattern you make earlier. Cut it but leave at least 2 cm around the edge of the pattern. Fold the edges and press it with iron so it will leave a guideline that you will use later.

Step 3. Fold the fabric with the guideline you made and pin it on. It should align perfectly. If not, adjust it a bit. Sew it or you can use fabric glue to attach the fabric to the pocket.
*Note: Fabric glue don't work in all types of fabric.

And you're done! You've just made a DIY Pocket Patch Shorts.
Why spend money if you can make new from the old? I hope this tutorial helps. You can send the photos of your work at my email or tweet me @ryandjagustin with the hashtag #stylismoetc. I'll be more than happy to feature it here. Happy DIYing!

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