Tattoo Inspirations

I really want to have a tattoo since before I go to college. It looks like it adds more vain and angas to the personality of a person. Plus it serves as an extra accessories in fashion. You can put a ring, anklet or bracelet via tattoo. But my mom was so strict that even ear and other body piercing was restricted for me. I remember when I had my ear piercing back when I was in high school, I wear the earring when I'm not at home and remove it when I'm at home. So it's a secret! So since I am now on my legal age (I'm 19), I want to ink myself without hiding it to my mom.  So I look for some tattooed people for design and style  inspirations. I should decide very surely because the ink I will get is permanent. So think twice!

Having a tattoo same with your special someone is sweet. I like how the white triangle and black triangle meets. I will try this when I meet that someone.

Quoted tattoo is also one of the popular design. Quotes that inspires you is good and will have a better result. Bible verse that has meaning to your life is also quite pretty.

I also like tattoos behind the ear. It looks more sexy for me. I also love that minimal small star.

Unique tattoo designs are good too and it will stand out in the crowd. One of this designs is a dream catcher.

Tattoos at the back are sexy too.

I am very obsessed to have a tattoo in this area. I should pick this one for my first tattoo!

Another tattoo in the arm part. I love that constellation! 

Beautiful feather tattoo in blue.

Very minimal design and looks clean. 

Another area I obsessed of, armpit. It says "Don't Forget" in French.

I really want to be inked in this area. Unidentified symbol in the armpit area.

Last but not the least, this is my favorite. This are zodiac signs of her family. Very sweet idea. It is also placed in the armpit extend to arm area. Plus it is very minimal and very neat. 

So this are the styles and design I searched, hope you guys also found your taste, if ever you were planning to be inked. Just think twice of the design because having a tattoo is not a joke and need to decide very seriously. 
For questions, tweet me @ryandjagustin or email me at You can also send your tattoo(if you have) and I'll feature it here so we're both happy! 

Photos courtesy of Julia.


  1. we have the same like! I want to have my tattoo either, maybe after college. Sure ako hindi na nmn papalag parents ko pag nandiyan na. haha! Cool choices! anyways, liked your page, hope you'll like mine :)

  2. Hahaha. Yeah. I'm looking forward to have my first tattoo after my grad. I'm glad you liked my blog.



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