How To: Make your own DIY Galaxy Printed Shirt

How are you guys? I’m here again to make a new DIY project. I love making DIY’s because it improves my art skill and at the same time, I can use again old stuff in our home. Today, I’ll show how to make a galaxy print in your old shirt. I used my old tank top since I want to wear it again because summer time is coming, and tank top season is finally getting closer but the style is so plain so I choose it to give a makeover. So let’s start.

How To: Make Your Own DIY Mirror Aztec Design Bag

Hello! This is my first DIY project that I will make for my blog that's why I'm so excited to share it to you guys. I hope you enjoy and have fun doing this project.

Want to have unique design for your bag? Or do you like aztec? If your answer is yes from the questions I asked, then this project is for you. The materials that we will use here is so easy to find and most of all, it is just in your home with no cents to spend on. So let's start.

That Sweat Pants aka Swag Pants

See pants like this?
(Image : source)

Your'e right! This is sweat pants aka swag pants.Others call it harem pants, baggy pants, athlete pants,hip hop pants, dancer pants or whatever. We use to see them wore by the dancers, hip hops, athletics and by the artists like Vhong Navarro and Jhong Hilario in their noontime show, It's Showtime.

 (Image : source)


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