How To: Make Your Own DIY Mirror Aztec Design Bag

Hello! This is my first DIY project that I will make for my blog that's why I'm so excited to share it to you guys. I hope you enjoy and have fun doing this project.

Want to have unique design for your bag? Or do you like aztec? If your answer is yes from the questions I asked, then this project is for you. The materials that we will use here is so easy to find and most of all, it is just in your home with no cents to spend on. So let's start.

Materials we need:
Old bag
Pair of scissors
Old CDs
Super glue(I used Mighty Bond)
Piece of cloth or any rag will do

Step 1. Clean your old CDs with your piece of cloth or any rags. Cut the CDs into mini triangular shape. The amount of your CDs depend on how big your design will be. Mine is only a small part of my bag so I just need a few.

 Don't worry, the CDs are soft enough to cut it. Just be careful using your scissors.

The cuts doesn’t need to be perfect, just like mine.
*Note: Some covers(the front side with the photos and title of the disk) of your CDs will be tear off by itself when you cut it into small pieces, but don't worry, you can remove that without messing up you work.

Step 2. Get your glue then apply only a small amount on CDs you cut. Be careful to glue out your fingers.

Step 3. Then attach the pieces of your CDs to your bag. Paste your cut CDs in alternate order, the one facing upward then the next piece is in the downward. Do this until you fill the area you want.

And you’re done! Enjoy your new mirror Aztec design in your bag.
Tweet me @ryandjagustin or email me at for comments and suggestions. You can also submit photos of your work. I'll be happy to feature it here,

More shots.


  1. Awesome Bro! :))
    Can't wait to make my own (bukas! hahaha)

    Michael Macalos

  2. I'm glad you find it awesome. Thanks for visiting Michael! God bless.



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