How To: Make your own DIY Galaxy Printed Shirt

How are you guys? I’m here again to make a new DIY project. I love making DIY’s because it improves my art skill and at the same time, I can use again old stuff in our home. Today, I’ll show how to make a galaxy print in your old shirt. I used my old tank top since I want to wear it again because summer time is coming, and tank top season is finally getting closer but the style is so plain so I choose it to give a makeover. So let’s start.

What you need:
Any old shirt
Fabric/Acrylic paints; black, white, blue and red
Newspapers/old papers
A pair of scissors (for cutting the sponge)
Old toothbrush (optional)
And a bit of your art skill

Step 1. Get your old shirt. Use your tape to form the shape you desire. Mine was an inverse triangle.

Step 2. Place a stack of newspaper or old papers so the paint won’t smudge on the back of the shirt. I also put old papers on the rest of the shirt to prevent messing up the remaining space.

Step 3. Cut your sponge into 4 pieces (about 2” x 1”). And start with the base using your sponge.

Step 4. Paint it with black. Wait 15 minutes until it dries up.
*Note: If your shirt is black or in dark shade, you can skip this step.

Step 5. This is the fun part. Dab some blue and red paint and smudge it. Take note, there’s no mistake, just happy accidents. Just play with the colors. You can also mix the red and blue to get violet.

Step 6. Dry it again for 15 minutes. Add some white paint using the pointy part of your sponge. Apply it with a swiping motion and spread it using the broad part of the sponge. You can also add some light blue to add some depth.

 Step 7. It’s time for the stars. Get your toothpick or matchstick. Dip the point to your white paint then point it to your shirt.

*Optional: You can use your old toothbrush to add stars. Put some white paint to your brush, then using your index finger, swipe the bristles to spread the paint all over your galaxy. Try this step to achieve smaller stars.

Step 8. Let it dry then remove the newspapers and tape.

 And voila! You now have your own galaxy printed shirt. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try something new and let your imagination fly!

More shots.

If you enjoy reading this tutorial, please don’t hesitate to try it and send me photos of your work at I’ll be happy to feature it here. Tweet me @ryandjagustin with hashtag #stylismo for questions, suggestions or if you want something to share.


  1. cool! I'll surely try this one! you have a really cool blog but can't find the GFC box so I could follow you. :( Hope you'll follow me. :) Thanks for visiting my blog!


  2. I followed you last week. Your blog was nice too. You can follow me by clicking the "Add" button on the blogger's dashboard and entering the url. I'm happy you visit mine too. Hope we meet and hang out soon! :)

  3. This was very helpful!! I did it in a little cat cut out and I'm so happy with the outcome! Thank you!



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