How To: Make a DIY Tank Top in 3 Easy Steps

The heat is on and it’s confirm, summer is here! I told you, I love summer and it excites me a lot. Finally, I can now have more time to sleep and less school problems. It’s time to relax and to enjoy. I can now also feel the touch of sun in my skin. Hence, we should wear comfortable against the hot weather and expose some skin this season. Now, I will teach you how to make an instant tank top in only 3 easy steps.

What you’ll need:
Old shirt
A pair of scissors
Tank top that fits you (for pattern

Step 1. Lay your old shirt in a flat surface. Also, lay your tank top that fits you over the old shirt. This will be your guide. Trace it with your pencil or marker.

Step 2. Trace it with your pencil or marker.

Step 3. Cut it according to the outline you made. You can cut first the sleeves, it depends on you how high or low. Then cut the neckline. Like the sleeves, it’s your choice how high or low you want it to be.

And you’re done! You now have an instant tank top. You can now enjoy and wear this on summer!

You can also send us a photo of your work and I’ll be happy to feature it here. Send it through email or tweet me @ryandjagustin with the hashtag #stylismoetc. I hope this helped.

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