How To: Make Your Own Diy Ripped Shorts/Denim

I started to love wearing shorts because of the extreme heat i felt this summer. Plus, it's so easy to pair up, a sneakers and a shirt and you're good to go. I remember last week, I cut my mom's pants on the day where I will be using it because all of my shorts and pants are on the laundry. So I cut it off and just fold the tip. Meron na akong instant shorts in just a minute haha. But today, I will teach you to have that plain shorts a more stylish look. An awesome pair of ripped denim is quite expensive, but  I will teach you on how to make your own in just a few easy steps. Let's start!

You will need:
Old denim shorts
Sand paper (thick)
Bleach (optional)

Step 1:
Cut your denim in any part you want and how big it is. Be creative on this. You can search online to have ideas on what is the best part to rip. It doesn't need to be perfect.

Step 2:
Get your sand paper. Rub it in several different directions on the area you cut earlier. This will make the fabric fray.

Step 3:
 Here's what it looks after rubbing it with sand paper. Toss it in washing machine and see the magic!
(Optional) Mix the bleach in the washing machine to add more vintage effect.

Step 4:
 Cut the excess fabric and threads and you're done!

We now have our DIY ripped shorts/pants/denim. That was fast and easy. Remember that we don't need to spend pennies to buy those expensive clothes, all we need is patience and creativity. Happy DIYing!
Feel free to send your own works at or tweet @ryandjagustin. I'll be happy to feature it here. Thanks!

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