Crazy Cool Korean Hairstyle

I've been addicted in K-Pop's music and on what they look this past few weeks. I feel so envy on their porcelain skin look, their skinny body, the way they dress and the style of their HAIR. I watch music videos of different K-Pop group and see different hairdo of the members. I said to myself to do the same hairdo with the K-Pop, but no, I think that style will not compliment with the shape of my face(LOL :D)

"A good hairstyle can change a persons everything"
- John Coffleur

The quote stated above maybe true. Different hairstyle can change a person, from it's aura, personality and everything. 

Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho in his famous curl hair in "Boys Over Flowers".

Lee Min Ho in his straight hair. I used to have this hair before but it doesn't fit the shape and curve of may face (poor me LOL)

This style looks quite clean and add some fierce to the personality of a person. Lee Min Ho in tied-up hair.

Super Junior 




Curl or Straight?


What shade of hair color is this?


His hair is so smooth.



I like the hair of the 3rd member(from left)

So there are some crazy cool Korean hairstyle I searched from the net. Cool right? I want to have some experiment on my hair and use this hairstyles as my guide when I go to salon. You guys should try this also and stand out in the crowd with this cool styles.

*Credits to the photo owner.

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